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  • OMG! My partner surprised me with tickets to your show on Saturday afternoon for my birthday in Perth. My favourite movie of all time. It was magical to see on the big screen and the orchestra was absolutely fabulous. I got very emotional listening to Sigrid and Tom and hearing the wonderful stories about Jack Thompson and Kirk Douglas. I wish I could have met you both. Thank you to everyone for a wonderful experience.

    Kelly Mitchell

  • We saw the 1st show in Melbourne, gave it.10/10


  • For any Snowy Fan just absolutely brilliant !
    The live Orchestra were Amazing , having Tom and Sigrid there was an extra special touch !
    Thank you to all involved for making this available for all of us to experience !


  • An absolutely wonderful evening with great stories from Tom and Sigrid. The film, already a classic a made even more beautiful with the love orchestra.

    Mel Messenger

  • Sydney Darling Theater show was fantastic! A dream come true. Came all the way from Oregon USA to see it! Love it!

    Amy Bickley

  • I have watched these movies all my life. When I seen this come up I wasn’t going to miss it. Was an amazing experience will definitely be doing it again when it’s back. Love going to the Vic high country and visiting the hut 1 of my favorite places.




  • I went to see this yesterday. It was great, I loved it

    Morton Dale

  • The live orchestra accompanying the film is amazing, sensational is an understatement. The whole experience is a must do, it elevates the film to another level.

    Daniel Barron

  • It was absolutely fantastic loved every bit of it the orchestra was on point

    James Borthwick

  • Brilliant -the orchestra truly sensational/inspiring; the introduction of Sigrid and Tom leading in from the Don Lane Show to on stage in person was a fantastic segue to bring them to the live audience. Then Sigrid and Tom sharing their stories about the making of the “picture” as Sigrid referred to it added a personal and genuine touch. A wonderful evening – total enjoyment.

    Rhonda Chellew

  • We wonderful, romantic 😍
    The saga
    Country gal and guy
    Majestic Mountain rides down hill
    Galloping endlessly

    Crista Baumgarten

  • Absolutely fabulous show!
    The orchestral music sent shivers up my spine, and tears to my eyes! So beautiful to re-live the movie! Tom and Sigrid chatted as if sitting in the living room with us. Definitely recommend this show. A credit to the producers.


  • Absolutely fantastic. I loved the movie since it first can out and still do. I would have sat throght the convert multiple times if I could have. Seeing Sigrid and Tom just made it that much better. The only sad thing I can say is that there was no merchandise to buy other then the souvenir program book. I was really looking forward to buying something special.


  • Fantastic. Second row seats put us amongst the action. Loved every minute of it.


  • Amazing and wonderful to see and feel the movie with the spectacular live music/soundtrack- not to missed by anyone at whatever the cost.

    Cameron Robinson

  • Went to the Brisbane show, The best experience of my life!! The Southern Cross Symphony where amazing, I have loved this movie ever since it came out and to be blessed to still be here to celebrate its 40th anniversary is just amazing, a true blue Aussie film. Lets do it again for the 50th Anniversary.

    Sylvia Love

  • A performance that justifies the legendary staus of an incredible Australian film. The music is hypnotic, as we fully immersed ourselves in watching the film once more. Loved loved the stories shared by the actors live, and watching the old interviews during the intermission (which I was too young to be interested in when I was a kid). A lifetime of joy from this movie.

    Linda Caerdinael

  • When I heard the music I just started crying. The Man from Snowy River is my favourite movie of all time. My best friend shouted me a ticket as an early birthday present and I’m so grateful. Tom and Sigrid talked for about 20-30 minutes about how they got cast in the movie, tricks that they used on set (they said these things would never be able to be done in 2024) they talked about getting a master class in horse riding, Tom having to wait a whole month to find out he had the part and so much more. The orchestra was amazing and it was a night I’ll remember for the rest of my life…

    Leanne Claussen

  • An amazing and truly beautiful experience …. The time passed ever so quickly from being completely engaged from start to finish. The film brought alive memories from the 80’s, having visited the film set at Mansfield not long after the film was released. It was so lovely to listen to Sigrid and Tom share their story making the film more personal. Also, listening to Ray Martin interview various crew members and actors was a special touch. The orchestra was just amazing. Thank you for a brilliant performance and evening with friends.

    Judith Anne Seery

  • Absolutely beautiful experience.


  • Absolutely brilliant show. Sigrid and Tom’s stories were great. The music was excellent. Highly recommend seeing it.

    Tryphena De Vere

  • This was awesome – the anecdotes from Sigrid and Tom – the wonderful orchestra was so special. Loved it!

    Di McIntyre

  • Absolutely superb – from beginning to end.
    Southern Cross Orchestra is brilliant.

    Denise Blaser

  • Awesome. The whole production well thought out.


  • Spectacular!!!!!
    Such a brilliant way way to re see this master peice
    Eliciting emotions memories ans reverance for such a wonderful film. I could smell the mountain heath.
    The music is wonderful hearing Tom and SIngrids strokes was a delight.
    How lucky I was to spend so much of my childhood on the high country and have this stunning movie and exceptional score as my count track.
    What a show what a night. I’m so very moved. Ans to be a part of this with everyone else loving it too was so special.

    Kylie Johnson

  • Fantastic show. Worth seeing. It was my partner’s first time in a theatre watching a show. Great atmosphere. The orchestra was amazing


  • The movie is absolutely fabulous, l saw it when it first came out back in 1982, just remembered l have the programme fron the World Premier.

    When l saw the promo fit the concert with Tom and Sigrid, l just had to book tickets and airfares for my girl from up “the road” here in Alice Springs.

    This morning when l was showing my friend the promo for the concert, l found it difficult to hold back the tears as the music is ever so moving, and the wonderment of being there really hit me.

    Sally Westaway

  • My wife and I attended a matinee showing of The Man from Snowy River. It was excellent in so many ways from the preamble by the stars of the movie through to the faultless rendition of the music by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Highly recommended to all ages!

    Gaetano Romeo

  • Incredible! Gave me goosebumps. The orchestra was impeccable and combined with the Sydney Opera House venue and this amazing movie, I’m still reliving the moment. Thank you for the opportunity to relive the best Aussie movie ever. I loved the past interviews from TV shows as well as the stories from Sigrid and Tom. They were something special. It was a real buzz 💜 I’m so glad I went.


  • My mother and I were very impressed with the performance. It was great being
    able to listen to the music in a big hall and see the movie on a big screen.
    The atmosphere was brilliant.


  • Loved the show


  • I thought it was absolutely sublime. So amazing seeing Sigrid and Tom on the stage. Amazing unforgettable music and orchestra. So glad we did this.

    Meredith Sheldon

  • Wonderful evening. We very much enjoyed hearing the personal insights from both Sigrid and Tom. The orchestra was sensational, very talented.

    Elayne Becker

  • Fabulous! What a privilege to see the stars of the show, and hear the musical score live, played to this now iconic Australian movie. Loved it! Treasured memories.
    Thank you so much!

    Glen and Alisa

  • Childhood dream . Absolutely loved it !


  • Thank you so much. We all enjoyed the whole experience. As we have told others about it they have said they would like to go and are sad they missed out. So if you decide to bring it around the country again I am sure you would fill the venues again. Thank you again.


  • Was absolutely blown way. The combination of the movie accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra was a moving and beautiful experience. To make it even more awesome for me, at my advanced age, I had never seen the movie before.

    Marcia Bailey

  • I loved it, it was so good. It was brilliant with the introduction by Tom and Sigrid followed by impressive orchestra playing bringing the soundtrack to life. Of course I am a Snowy film tragic and combined with the introduction and music it made the concert an excellent show that I would strongly recommend.


  • Really enjoyed the show at the Opera House. The orchestral accompaniment was great.
    My non horsey friend also thought it was wonderful.

    Ann Garard

  • Brilliantly spectacular on many levels. The movie is a classic and can never be watched too often, and the orchestra were perfect in their performance. Tom and Sigrid were a delightful way to begin the experience. Thank you to all involved in this production!!


  • An unforgettable night of music, entertainment and Australian movie history. Tom and Sigrid are still special after 40 years. Jack Thompson said at the premiere in Mansfield that this would be a special movie in Australian movie history. Truer words have never been spoken.

    Garry & Debbie Vincent

  • This show was fantastic, I always wanted to go and hubby was hesitant when I mentioned an orchestra. My favourite movie of all time so he tagged along. He now raves about the entire show and would go back in a heartbeat.

    Sharon Dykes

  • Absolutely loved it. Had only seen the film once before, so really enjoyed seeing it for the first time on a big screen – the screen could have been bigger for a large venue. The music was wonderful and having Sigrid and Tom share some anecdotes was lovely. Highly recommend

    Dorothy Bennett

  • The orchestra and movie were amazing it was hard which to watch and with the added bonus of Tom and Sigrid made it a truely great experience. My daughter and I traveled from Melbourne and I can say the extra expense was worth it
    Tina Sorraghan

    Tina Sorraghan

  • Probably the best show I have seen. The music just gives you goosebumps and it is such an iconic movie. So good

    Diana Cooke

  • was so great hoping it will come back again was very happy would see it again in a heart bet thankyou


  • Fantastic show. Orchestra amazing. The behind the scenes and the talking from Sigrid and Tom made it all that more special. 42 years on and still my favourite movie and now more nostalgic to it. Highly recommend.


  • The show was fantastic and the orchestra amazing it was really great to see Tom Burlington and Sigrid thornton in person loved every bit of it should do a show to the sequel


  • Absolutely brilliant, loved every minute of it. Would definitely see it again, the orchestra was amazing.


  • I so enjoyed being in the audience last night. The whole evening was absolutely magical. So many people around me (and yes, me too) were just overwhelmed by the soaring music, the lovely friendship (and chemistry) that still sparkles when Sigrid and Tom are together, and the wonderful flashbacks to the media of the time (which was just chock full of nostalgic sentiment). It was an emotional experience of the very best kind, and added another layer of magnificent memory to the collection that this poem, this movie and this soundscape, have already given me. Thank you so much… (and to Tom and Sigrid, who were so very generous, friendly, and engaged with everyone laying in wait for them at the stage door, an extra big thank you to you.

    Steph Burgess

  • This was the very best show I’ve ever seen in my life.
    Because I too am passionate about the hysterical lying & distortion of the numbers & subsequent murder occurring to our iconic wild brumbies.
    Meeting Sigrid & Tom Pre show for a wonderful view into the audition process, their comraderie & chatter about the actors, Director & behind the scenes view was just fabulous.
    The powerful orchestral music along with the movie on the big screen was brilliant.
    Fortunately I didn’t go out at Interval when fantastic funny scenes of the shooting of the film were shown.
    It’s not often you see a queue after the show for a programme, but yes, there were so many people purchasing & everyone was on a high!!
    Take tissues
    Just pure magic!!
    Thank you

    Lee Delaney

  • My husband and I totally enjoyed the whole concept of The Man From Snowy River at the opera house It was an experience we will never forget. To hear the music score played live right in front of us!!! Wow. This was something we have never experienced We sure do hope there is a plan for Snowy River 2 – We will be there with bells on !!!!!

    Dianne Godfrey

  • I attended at the opera house, lucky enough to be in the front row. What an amazing experience! Wonderful to see one of my favorite films looking as good as ever but sounding SO incredible. The sound engineers did an amazing job – the balance between the soundtrack and the dialogue/sound effects was exceptionally well done – every word of dialogue crystal clear, and the soundtrack thrilling and alive. It was a riveting experience. Having the stars reminisce was icing on the cake.


  • Purely magical. Absolutely wonderful. It was extremely hard not to get wrapped up in the whole atmosphere. Mesmerising!! Thank you to absolutely everyone for making this happen!

    Tracey Curry

  • The show was absolutely fantastic. We thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a wonderful experience.

    Tracey Bradley

  • Absolutely magnificent.
    Uplifting in every way… from the nostalgia of seeing Tom and Sigrid together again and hearing them reminisce about the making of the movie, to the soaring music, played so spectacularly beautifully by the orchestra, filling every inch of the concert hall. I could not have enjoyed it more. Just a magical evening.


  • Loved, loved , loved it
    Went to the Melbourne & Sydney shows
    & would go again
    Please do snowy 2

    Lisa harde

  • Fantastic way to watch the movie having the amazing orchestra play those beautiful pieces. Still the best Aussie movie of all time. The music is timeless.

    Tim and Sophie

  • I don’t think I even have the words to express just how magical this experience was. The atmosphere and the acoustics where absolutely phenomenal. I would be lying if I said I didn’t cry multiple times hearing the music I have grown up to live. I spent 10 days on horse back in the snowys and the music honestly is written so perfectly for how it looks and feels up there.
    Truly a wonderful and magical experience which I know I will treasure forever. Would definitely go again!!


  • It was magical to have the orchestra playing
    And very special to see and hear Sigrid and Tom speak, a wonderful experience ❤️

    Lesley Britten

  • I think it was wonderful. The music was great.
    It would have been even better to have more chat time with Tom & Sigrid.


  • It was fabulous

    Nicole Douglas

  • The absolute BEST ! I was so intrigued as to how it was going to work that I wanted to focus on the orchestra, instead I completely forgot about the orchestra as they were so incredibly excellent it felt like they were just apart of the movie. It was perfect !

    Lauren Jubb

  • Absolutely awesome. The best Australian movie of all time with the amazing skill level of the orchestra made for an amazing performance. Hearing both Tom and Singrid speak about the casting and how the movie came together was so interesting and just topped it off. Thank you to all involved.

    Graham Knights

  • The show was incredible, watching the film with an orchestra playing brought the film to life, was mesmerised, goosebumps the whole time.
    Loved hearing Sigrid and Tom tell their stories about the film.


  • The show was absolutely magnificent

    Kelly-Anne Petersen

  • I loved it, every single minute was awesome. I got goosebumps, I cried, I laughed. It was like watching it for the first time and I’ve actually watched it about 60 times! Tom and Sigrid coming out and talking was a lovely touch. We would see it again!

    Leslie Johnson

  • My Husband James and I had the most amazing afternoon seeing this fantastic Show, it was everything I hoped it would be and more. The Orchestra played the music Seamlessly through the movie. This Movie is Just Iconic and to hear stories from Tom and Sigrid was just amazing, Thank you for making our afternoon so special, we had the best time ever.

    Kerri Afford

  • The Man From Snowy River Show was absolutely brilliant. It was so well put together. The best surprise was Tom Burlinson and Sigrid Thornton coming on stage before the movie. It was fantastic listening to how the epic movie came together, made the town of Mansfield famous. It was hard knowing what to watch the movie or the orchestra. I’m really hoping a DVD will be brought out after the production is finished. Well done to everyone that helped bring this to us Snowies xo

    Shaz Lambert

  • What an experience! I knew it was going to be incredible but it blew my mind!! Tom & Sigrid’s stories had me enthralled, the movie looked amazing on the big screen and the orchestra was the best I’ve ever seen!!! Sign me up for an encore performance!!!


  • Brilliant show! The music took my wife and I away to an earlier time … a night to remember!


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